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Sumo Media is an holistic Australian digital marketing agency with a heavy favour toward web, design and SEO to help you to really embed your business at the top of the market.

Yes, a Quality Google Ads Manager Can Be All Your Business Ever Needs

We are in a marketing society now where multichannel AKA omni-channel marketing is all the spin, and it does have its validity. Omni-channel marketing is where you develop your marketing's eco system to incorporate website attraction, follow up with display ads to those users which could be on the websites they visit or their social feeds. That's the basic idea and it can branch into other facets like email marketing for example. However, don't get lost in the noise if you are just getting started. Google Ads might be, the best possible targeting for your budget and you can gain some valuable insights from its data if managed correctly. While a long sales cycle like a car yard might benefit from paying the initial $1 click to get them to the website and then another $10 on re-targeting. An emergency plumber might try the same thing and simply end up paying 11X for every lead. It comes down to testing and sometimes exhausting your Google Ads options can be the best starting point and only when that avenue is at absolute maximum saturation then ease-in some retargeting.

How Do I Know If My Google Adwords Management Needs To Be Audited?

It never hurts to audit your Google Ads. We have audited 100's of Google Ads accounts and maybe 1% were setup to a point where there was no real comment to be added on how to improve on it. At worst you may have significant factors being overlooked which are costing you dearly. An audit is harmless, it takes about 15 minutes to execute over the phone, and you may come away with some priceless and free advice to get your ads performing better. Give us a call now and we can take you through the audit, you will just need to be logged into your AdWords’ account with pen and paper ready.

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Just commencing your Google Ads journey?

Ensure Your Omni-Channels Are Considered Before You Start! We created this "Digital Marketing Bible" to help you to get your basic strategy rationalized.

Our Omni-Channel Divine 9

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marketing feature for YOUR business.

GOOGLE ADS AGENCY - Yes, we can help you to manage your Google Ads to a high standard. Let's discuss what you need... A lot of accounts we see are still on the demo version of Google Ads, so this is an automated version that doesn't allow too much control at all, which is NOT ideal! Once we have you switched over to a pro account we can setup the account and start monitoring your data and pushing preferences into the direction of best return on your click spend. We base everything on conversion value, so if you have 10 different products they may have 10 different sale values as well. So we will ensure we are focusing in the way that is most beneficial for your overall business. Let's get started!
SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER - Social media is often our step 2 in the Google Ads strategy, whereby all the visitors we bring to your website via Google Ads, we can then re-market to them on social. So if you have a business where this would be beneficial to get back in front of your audience when they are in the mood for browsing your services, that can be a great move. Especially since your competitors may be marketing to them then on social also, so if you don't you may be missing out on some hot conversions.
INTERNET MARKETING - Bigger business sometimes require a complete omni-channel internet marketing service to incorporate Google Ads, SEO, Social media, email/SMS marketing and more. You are in the correct space here for this type of service as we have software developers, specialist marketers & account managers at the ready to take over your campaigns and help you to get more from your internet marketing. We are highly experienced with business/marketing integrations and feel we can be an assett to this type of business. And if you aren't there just yet, we can help to get you there.
SEO AGENCY - Before we start any SEO campaign we need to first do an audit on the website for the business. Really unfortunately, 94% statistically, pf websites never get any organic traffic. People sometimes wonder why their SEO just isn't working. The reason can be that the foundations of the website were not built for SEO in the first place, so all the blogs and backlinks in the world will never get you to page one. And as we know... the best place to hide a dead body? Page 2! Let's take a look at your website and see if it was designed for SEO, if the law of averages prevail, it wasn't, sadly.
WEBSITE DESIGN - Web design encompasses a number of factors... design, user functional experience, lead generation & communication tools, Google spiders compliance, theme/branding, SEO headings structures, media tagging, word counts, heading counts, duplicate counts, security assurances, correct blogging aspects, client accessibility, correct tracking facilitation, Google-indexing page speed optimisation and more, if you are to gain Googles respect. At Sumo Media we hard code our websites so that you get the highest functioning outcome and without a future riddled with issues due to website builder plugin updates, maliscious attacks atttempts via these plugins and a heavily weighted system built largely by a program. Sumo Media builds clean websites.
APP DEVELOPEMENT FIRM - Are you sitting on the next big idea? Why? Let's talk, maybe it's a reasonable build cost and you can get it to market in a month or two and start generating that pathway to passive income we know you want! Sumo Media builds app products of its own and can easily assist you with your app development. It CAN be hard to find a mobile app team with the right level of experience so they don't waste time researching from the ground up a=on any given project. We've got you covered. Let us know what you need and we can help you navigate the initial stages and hopefully commence and get it done!
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS - Wanting to help your business or other businesses with a point of difference or functions that result in cost savings or revenue for that business? Why wouldn't that be a great idea!? Sumo Media can assist you with system integrations and/or start up software developments to get your concepts moving in the right direction, much faster.
CRM DEVELOPMENTS - Often when we aren't building websites and running peoples marketing channels we are either building CRM's or we are helping businesses to integrate their systems into a more uniform environment. We can help here. Give us a call and we can run through the possibilities and may even have a solution for you that answers your "call" with relative ease.
COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENTS - So one enormous and overlooked channel in most business' marketing structures are their communications channels. As mentioned above a complete omni-channel marketing environment includes email/SMS comms. But that's where most people get stuck. They know they want it, they know the poer of re-approach to your pre-existing purchasers but how do we incorporate this into our systems so that we can manage this from within our current devices and software channels but with a bulk management capacity. Sumo Media have been integrating comms into systems for the best part of 2 decades. We can help with hard-coding SMS/email/PBX/SIP/apps etc to help your business flow around in a complex way but executed with sheer simplicity. Let's TALK!

Text Me My Custom Marketing Bible!

Do's & Dont's With Your Ads

Australia's Holistic Google Management Service

Is your business system married-in to your Google environment?


Business System

99% of business get the 1, 2, 3... the wrong way around. They launch into the market wanting:

  • Fast clicks
  • Optimise SEO later
  • When excess work comes in I'll worry about how to manage it.

Meanwhile, you are over spending on clicks because your landing pages arent converting, or being remembered, and don't have the respect of Google & Facebook so they are charging you twice as much as your top competitor!

Brand, Website & CRM

Sumo Media recommend developing world class branding, websites and incorporating a CRM as the utmost important aspect. the result?:

  • Memorable branding people return to
  • Free traffic & lead generation
  • Conversions not just clicks!
  • Social Shares
  • Company direction & reporting
  • Positioning for growth and dominance

A powerful website can launch into another city by adding a new page.

Cheaper Clicks

Now that you have your beautiful brand, your internal marketing & management systems, your fair share of free conversions from Google & Social Media, we can apply budget to the pay-per-click campaigns with confidence!

Google & Facebook both use"quality scores" on landing pages (websites). If your score is low you pay around double for every click.


  • Half price clicks
  • Free clicks
  • CRM lead generation & retention
  • Ability to scale
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Core Services

Here are the 6 Google Adwords "Branches" Explained.

Take Some Time With Us & Understand Marketing YOUR Business.

Google Ads is 30% Active & 70% Reactive

Little Known Facts ?

The "30%" is the setup of the account where we use what we understand. Everything afterward is test & react management.

Once I Have My Website On Point, What's The Next Step?

How do I know which of the omni-channel marketing functions are for me?

Let's run a quick audit on your Google Ads

Is your marketer hitting on the head?

If you have a history with Google Ads it's a great starting point.

Born Unicorns

Here’s how to select your unicorn marketer and get it all right!


Finding the right marketer is tough! 100% but really only because a few big players give a bad name to many of the rest of us that toil the designs, knobs and codes all day every day. Avoid the big players, they are big because they care most for their own corporate targets. Avoid the very small as they are still learning their systems and may be stretched for applying appropriate time and energies into the right places.

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Everyone loves a specialist this is true but in today’s marketing environment it is typically NOT ideal to focus on any one sector. You need a marketing agency that has a broad vision and capabilities to match in design, PPC, SEO, Social, development & hosting. Todays market is largely managed by marketing professionals that are engaging in “omni-channel” approaches. Fall in line or fall behind.

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The truth is, marketing is generally about designing a strong base, having experienced professionals to tweak the buttons and the main thing is TESTING. Rarely will a marketer jump into a project knowing exactly what to do. The good ones don’t presume to know anything. We are essentially data analysts and we push traffic towards objectives and A/B test to see what the outcome was and if we wish to pursue that approach further or not. We wait for data and react, this is why things take time especially on small budgets.

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Why Us? Holistic marketing support extracts the best from all possibilities.

Transparent marketing services and a passion to deliver results

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Quality sales & marketing support can change the game.

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Our Adwords Tips For Success!

#1 Adwords Tip | Conversions conversions conversions...... tracking tracking tracking. Quality conversion tracking is key! So many Google Ads accounts are run on which data points lead to clicks and at what cost. Clicks are not the answer. 100 clicks from keyword A might result in *1 conversion @ $1000 value = $1000*. 10 clicks from keyword B might result in *2 conversions @$1500 value = $3000. Track your webmail, email, phone call leads to the keyword they derived and mark your conversion types with values. Then you can push more budget towards the keywords with the better ROI time and time again until your account is properly optimised and churning better revenues for your business.

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