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Sumo Media has been devloping software for Australian businesses as well as government agencies for the best part of 20 years. We have a great culture and fantastic ombination of customer support and efficient service levels with highly responsive reporting and service levels. We have also engaged with many USA businesses over the years who are looking for that high level support and an improvement on their currency rate. If you are looking to hire a reliable software development team you are in the right place.

Hiring an Australian Software Development Service...a Good Option?

If you are reading this page you may already be well aware of the risks that can be associated with engaging the unknown for your software development. Ones idea of an efficient development can be a little skewed and often the person we think is the coder is really just hand-balling emails back and forth to someone else with potentially little regard for the importance of your project, to you. At Sumo Media we started in software development many years ago not to profit but to develop systems to amplify our own businesses efficiencies and returns. Still today we are building our own systems and products. We have had the same management the entire time, we have a great culture of positivity, hard-work, learning and rewards. We expect the exact same performance for our clients as we would expect for our own projects and we can report as often as you would like.

A Software Engineer Hire, That Works As Hard As You Wish We Were!

We have a core operational expectation of "team work", "integrity" & "productivity". We have a system of attaining and training interns and leaning them towards specialist areas of coding and we remain flexible to integrate the right tech for the right task and to get your over-arching job done as efficiently as is possible. This means we can maintain an average of affordability, harbour a revered learning environment and reap the rewards of long-standning loyalties from our coders.

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SOFTWARE RESOURCES - For general codes as a norm across our business we focus on using HTML, PHP, JS and Bootstrap, Jquery libraries... however its'a very flexible game we play and we are versatile. Have a chat to us about what you need exactly and we willbe happy to elaborate on our assurances for your project.
CRM DEVELOPMENTS - We have something like 3-400,000 hours of development labour in CRM's for various businesses. We can most certainly be a valued partner for your CRM development or integration and would bery much look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your project. CRM developments are a true passion for us and there's always room in the market for another CRM idea. So many problems to solve, so many "points of difference" to exploit and so few doing it really right and at the right price. We'd love to talk!
COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES - How far do you want to go with your communications development in your business? This is a huge factor separating the small business from the market leading businesses. COMMUNICATING with your staff can create vast improvements, COMMUNICATING with your potential and your existing or pre-existing clients can bring money for jam! Improving your communications can be the easiest and fastest way to expand your revenue and reduce your costs. We have experience with comms integrations from mobile app integrations to hard-coded sms. We can help!
GOOGLE ADS - Why is Google Ads support important for my Software Development? Google Ads considerations can be critical to get right before you commence your software development if you are developing something with the intent to put it to market. Google Ads is a marketing method which cannot be overlooked and therefore it can really pay-off to explore what Google would want from your software when it hits the Google Ads market. Google will offer cheaper clicks for software landing pages that are considering their users wants and needs. You may also have incredibly high conmpetition on high click costs on the keyword for the software you have in mind and drastically cheaper for some neighbouring concepts. Having us on board for a little forethought can be a great move.
SOCIAL MEDIA - Software developments that "play-ball" with social media integrations can benefit from enormous scale opportunities if the software is intended for market. Make sure your social aspects are fully explored for your communications perspective and for your scalability. If your project is moreso for internal business purposes, considering the benefits of creating a "social" environment in the app can still open up cultural improvements as well as helping to reduce double handling across departments whereby sharing freely and appropriately can help tasks be implemented by the correct person at the correct time.
INTERNET DEVELOPMENTS - You name it, we can help. Software developments rarely start and stop with an exact outcome without ever wandering toward further potential. In today's world, hiring a team that is across all manner of strategies and internet mediums can only bring great benefit to your overall cause. Why not talk to us today and see where a discussion with us takes us. A consultation is free and we will be able to offer advice from holistic angles.
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION - Where SEO and software developments can often intwine in a very complimentary fashion is by creating a website that ties in with your software and uses this function as a tool to generate longer engagement with your brand. Software can be developed to enhance a website's look and usability and one peice of software could be embedded on many pages to boost engagement across the board, in turn, increasing time on site for various keywords. Live data diagrams are a great example of incorporating software developments into SEO too, to gain the lead with organic click bait and jump in front of the internets best journalists.
WEBSITE DESIGN - We are often using hard-coded software functions in our website developments to find points of difference for our builds and to assist with increasing conversions of existing website visitors. Whether its incorporating SMS or live chat straight to CRM, integrating social media platforms to live stream the website directly, building a blog tool for our customers to upload their written or video blogs, pricing calculators..... we are often finding a way to offer our clients next-level support and outstanding outcomes through our passion to be better and do more.
IOS & ANDROID APPS - Well we wouldn't be a software development agency without app developments forming a strong part of what we do and we do consider ourselves to be quite a rare resource for app development. We have a lot of experience with mobile apps and ecommerce webapps. Generally speaking we can offer you a turn-around time that will more than likely win against the competitors offer and we can take your project from idea all the way through to completion and/or any part therof in between.

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#1 Software Development TIP | Hiring an organisation can be the better decision than hiring the freelancer when it comes to coding. Group coders can share ideas and help each other with solutions. Freelancers can get bogged down easily. If they encounter a couple of time consuming bugs and deep problems they can fall behind on projects. A team is more flexible plus you know what you are getting with a team as the law of averages paints a better picture than the probability of 1. And an agency is already touting they are an agency where often freelancers claim to be solo but are actually using a team resulting in the value of services being a little mysterious.

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