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Extraordinary Success Starts With Website / App / Software Development

Your online business, your shop front, your structure, your face, your CRM, your control and your revenue.

In this day and age, your website is probably the heart & soul of your business. If the traffic is coming in but not converting, look to your website for the answers; the advantages of an exceptional website will long out-live the heartache of paying for it. SEO is actually typically cheap if building the SEO onto a great website.

One solution could be to direct your Google Ads traffic to a high converting landing page (a focused 1 page website) which can be an affordable option and a great tool for increasing conversions on a particular product or service for your business. However this wouldn’t be ideal for SEO.

We have also been building complex software and web-apps for more than a decade in Government and private sectors and will take any SEO or Business Process challenge with confidence in our ability to deliver cost effective and high end outcomes.

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My website is functional, will a fancy development really change the conversions that much?

Google Connectivity

A high performing website will have a lower bounce rate and longer time spent on it which are powerful SEO "quality score" factors which affect every aspect of your marketing cost & returns. Be something Google will be proud to back because your SEO does flourish.

Fancy SEO Stuff

Creating core SEO value your users need, whether that be calculation tools, exceptional content, convenience or just something they enjoy using could quite simply make you the SEO leader for your market. Internal process fancy software stuff can have a huge impact on your productivity and scalability. Ask Us How.

High Level Targeting

No budget for a new website? Let's build a "High Converting Landing Page" for $200. The idea is, the consumer types a keyword, see's the keyword repeated in your Google Ads content, clicks, see's a one page website with little-distraction but exactly what they asked for and prompts to make contact or purchase.

Web App Development

We avoid building “Apps” when we can build Web-apps. Web-apps are far more efficient to build, don’t need to be replicated across many device types and don’t need to be downloaded by the user. It’s essentially a website that functions like an app.

The options are endless. Express your dream to us and we can turn it into your reality.

With a good App, the SEO & Passive Processes will flow!

The Power of Custom Software Development

Have you ever sat there doing a task and thought "I am so sick of doing this process"? Start thinking about the processes that you and your staff do repetitively. Is there a way to automate it and reduce your labour? Probably.

Always try to find an "Off the Shelf" solution first but sometimes a custom solution is either necessary or the only way to retain your points of difference in your market.

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