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Google Ads marketing incorporates Google Ads Search results, Display & Re-marketing, Google Shopping, Gmail targeting and can be an exceptional compliment to a strong SEO campaign.

Google Ads allows all business to be equal and have opportunity in the exact same, instant market. You can open a business today and compete effectively with Google ads appearing in any search engines front page results, relatively quickly.

All this, at a hefty cost sometimes. Google Ads is a highly competitive arena so very easy to mis-manage and blow your Google Ads click budget before the sales have come. Is SEO a better option?

Ask us and we will give you the truth about what YOUR business should expect from a Google Ads PPC campaign and the options in comparison to other SEO functions.

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  • The Display Network
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Google Ads Pricing

What Should I Expect From Sumo Media In Relation To My Google Ads Management?

Careful Understanding

First we work with you to understand your marketing & business goals. We focus the Google Ads strategy towards achieving SEO goals simultaneously with the Google Ads goals, to help reduce the overall cost per conversion and in the shortest time possible before reassessing the necessary Google Ads budget to manage the achievement of strict goals.

Incorporation of Services

We won't manage your Google Ads account with blinkers on. We want you to be involved in every aspect of SEO marketing management for your business and reach every search-engine success. We want you using all of our SEO, PPC & Social Media Management services. We want you to be successful.

Meticulous Conversion Tracking

Tracking SEO traffic is not effective. If we aren't tracking the people that are phoning you, we aren't doing our job. We will make sure this is setup as soon as we have access. This data point is critical and too often placed in the too hard basket in the industry. Talk to us about the SEO conversion tracking options which help us identify your converting audience.

Display Network

The Google Ads Display Network is essentially the banner ads you often see on websites, and, like SEO, this is actually free to display however clicks have a fractional cost.

It can seem as though a business is advertising EVERYWHERE but really the ads are just following you and popping up on whichever websites you visit; because you visited that business’ website before.

Expect an estimated 30% increase on Multi-Channel SEO conversions by re-marketing on the Google Ads Display Network. Clicks are super cheap and branding is FREE.

Gmail Targeting

Imagine if you could put an email in the Gmail inbox of your competitions clients... Well you more than likely can! You can use the same targeting intelligence as Google Ads except, in this case, you just pop an email into your targets inbox.

Could Gmail targeting through the Google Ads Network make a difference for your business' overall SEO? Let's talk about it.

Google Ads FAQ's

Wait. How much is it to have Sumo Media manage my Google Ads?

We prefer to review a clients complete needs and budget abilities before mapping the best course forward for your holistic Multi-Channel SEO potential. It may be less than you think and more than likely less than any other SEO companies offer. An SEO review for you will just take a few minutes. View Pricing

Can I manage my Google Ads myself?

If you need to ask, it's probably not advised only because Google Ads is an incredibly competitive space so you are competing in a complex auction with the best of the best and it's important/money we are playing with and returns to your business at risk. It's worth the money to get professional help not to mention the time it takes to manage a successful account. Setup takes about 10 hours and checking/tweaking should be done daily.

Is Google Ads all I need to do to control the amount of business I get?

Every market is different. Often Google Ads provides a scalable environment for businesses but it depends on many factors. Give us a bell, lets lay our eyes on some qualified data and discuss expectations.


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