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Dominate With Search Engine Optimisation

With SEO your business can grow without your marketing budget following in hot pursuit.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is often overlooked due to the complexity of understanding how SEO works and the longer lead time to generate conversions. This is why it is still a red-hot market to open up a lot of the time.

SEO cannot be ignored. Get onto it now before all of your competition gets in front of you. You might be surprised how quickly you can get traction with the right Website & SEO strategy in place.

Keep in mind, we are completely transparent. You will be 100% aware of everything we are doing with your SEO management. We will guide you holistically, from a grassroots level and ensure the SEO strategy we implement has the ability to get you a particular result.

We deal with SEO facts and data which is already out there! We can discuss this today; and we can design a strong SEO strategy that is neither full of maybes or long term to perform.

  • Research
  • Website Structuring
  • Blogging & Articles
  • Back-Linking
  • Maps Management
SEO Pricing

What is the process and how long will it take to get results?

On- Page Setup

Step 1 of any successful SEO campaign is the website setup. We can help you to create an exceptional website or work with what we have if we need to. We make sure the website is communicating SEO metrics as effectively as possible with Google. This generally takes a couple of weeks and you should see a spike in your SEO performance straight away.

Blogging & Articles

Step 2 of importance with SEO would be keyword density so adding articles to your website based around the SEO keywords we are targeting. We can develop optimised SEO articles for you to help ensure nobody has a higher keyword density. Generally speaking this will help you to rank in the top 3 Search Engine positions against your like-competitors within 90 days.

Link Building

Step 3 would be high quality SEO back-linking. Once we have SEO step 1 and step 2 setup & articles being contributed regularly, the SEO back-linking then has a place as now we can get other high SEO quality sites to link back to your high SEO quality site. This is the deep quality builder and market leadership attainer. Secure your Search Engine territory, with our help.

Competitor Insight & SEO Research

This is the fun part about SEO which we do with you. We will give you a very clear indication of what your audience wants, how hard your SEO competition is fighting for it and number of conversions likely to occur should we pursue the SEO investment with you.

#1 position organically gets 30% of all SEO traffic. In comparison, with Google Ads you ‘d be doing well at 10% and every time you scale your costs explode. Never underestimate SEO, embrace it and reap the rewards that your competition are missing out on because they want the fast, Google Ads quick-fix returns.

Call Us Now and we can advise your SEO action plan and expected monetary returns.

Google My Business (GMB)

Incredibly powerful, front and centre Google SEO "real estate". No click costs. A snapshot of your business details and reviews along with directions right off the map if they want to stop by somewhere close.

We help businesses to ensure they are in the top position here for Google My Business AKA SEO for the Map section or "Local SEO" for as large a captive audience as possible. We can help you to perform outside the box here and get more free traffic, fast!


Wait. How much is it to have Sumo Media manage my SEO?

It depends on your competition competing for the spot you want. Anything is 100% doable. There's a thing called sky-scraping where you look at what your competition does and do more. This works. The cost is obviously dependent but don't sign with an SEO that wants to blindly take money per week with long term maybe's. Have a chat to us about exactly what we plan to do and how long it will take and why. View Pricing

Can I manage my SEO myself?

If you need to ask, sorry but the answer is no. SEO is a technical and time consuming field to learn and also to operate. You need web dev experience, general digital marketing experience, back-linking know-how, research tools and all-round general know how as well as a tonne of time on your hands.

Can't I pay less to someone overseas?

You could try but it is an absolute mine field of deception and the value is just non exisistent even if you find someone you can trust. You will probably be dealing with an -off-shore manager of a team that may or may not be posing as the technician who will use your hours to complete other tasks if they can get away with it. When the off-shore company overheads, management costs, exchange rates, time wasted, poor time management & performance, distance from clarity in the engagement, lost in communications elements... all these things generally equal a backwards decision. You're in good hands right here! Look no further.


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