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Sumo Media have been developing high end websites for nearly 2 decades. We don't mess around. We hard-code our websites so that our clients enjoy the best, not only aesthetically, but technically and in terms of it's reputation with Google and other search engines. Most websites (statistically actually 94% of websites) never see the light of day at all ever in terms of organic traffic. There are some absolute do's & don'ts with website development if you want your website to be more than just a business card you ask people to look at.

The core factors to know about website design before I get started on a development?

There is a trend in the market towards template built websites, you know the ones. They have their advantages, they are easy to build, require little design input since the templates are designed for you and they can be a seemingly easy entry point to self managing your website after it's built by a professional, but take caution! The maintenance issues you may encounter are; slower loading speed for users since the website may be carrying "weighty" plugins and not to mention components of the platform builder itself, you will be required to update all your plugins periodically and when doing so your website can/will BREAK meaning you will need to get pro support to fix it, you may-well tend to a steady stream of malicious attack attempts with hackers trying to circumvent these plugins, the plugin developers are relatively unknown and developers will literally add any plugin that helps them get the job done. All this may seem like fear mongering of sorts but it's really not, the horror is in the reality itself, there's no colourful language here. At Sumo Media we hard-code websites so you have a clean set of codes with nothing else attached, just a page of codes on a secure server. Your website will be clean and fast, flexible for future change and integrations, hacker-free, update-free, general maintenance-free and we can even help you with a "quick-drop" folder to drop your written or video blogs into a folder to instantly publish live to your website. Or anything else you may want, it's really unlimited. Having said all of that, if you desire or already have WordPress we can help there too.

The Essential Marketing Aspects of a Webpage

"Webpage" is the key term here. Each page of your website (except the contact page since that is kind of considered the end of the road) should have it's own purpose for Search Engine Optimisation if free marketing on the front page of Google is important to you. Ask yourself, how does Google know if the page I have displayed to a user has value for that user? The value is in their level of engagement, which Google measures with time-on-page and then affirming that that time on page was time spent ingesting the pages content, and so Google will allocate that time spent on the page to record, if the user clicks through to something else. The user clicking through also exposes that your page was informative and helped that user to expand on their original query. Google wants web-surfing behaviour, just like any tech giant, they want you there longer. Having a "wide" website helps Google with that adgenda to keep people surfing useful information. The beauty of the internet, really! So you need relevant content that Googles spiders can also understand otherwise it may never make it to the correct set of eyeballs, and flop sadly. Each page should be useful to Google searchers and be better than your number 1 competitors best page of type, and you don't want pages that offer no value or do not absorb clicks to another page. If you can get all the foundations with keyword strategy in line with SEO & Google Ad research, it will make your marketing much easier and more cost effective moving forward.

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Want a Website That's Best In Market?

Choosing the right marketing pathway can be tough! We created this "Web Designer Bible" to help you to get your base marketing rationalised.

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GOOGLE ADS AGENCY - Yes, we are also a Google Ads Agency. A lot of people don't realise the importance of web design for Google Ads performance. If you are targeting keywords with Google Ads you will pay a lot less for clicks if the landing page is "accurate" for each and every keyword in your campaign. It can also greatly improve your chances of generating leads from those clicks so you can image what the overall impact is on your Google Ads return on investment when done right! Google Ads can be an incredible resource for clean, accurate market data and honing your business actual best return streams and then scaling on it. Let's get started!
SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER - A great way to encourage social media followers is to run the occasional discount promotion on your website (if you have a lot of traffic there), for example *January's discount* and then guide your users to engage with you on social media to be in front of future discounts. I know I wouldn't choose to follow a mechanic on social media but I might if they have a monthly deal that may fall in my lap at some stage. Then with your social media strategy what you want is shareable content if you are running ads and make sure you are aligned to pop up in front of your recent website visitors on their social feeds, again with shareable content and if they don't click the ad try again with something more enticing or educational to help them see why engaging with you again on a business level is ideal and urgent. Sumo Media can support with themed ad strategies and social media maintenance.
INTERNET MARKETING - Just want to know more about us and our over-arching internet marketing strategies for our clients. Click through to read about us and browse the website for loads of useful information and tools to help you to get it right and also to research your competition on the internet. Want to know what your #1 competitor has done and what they reap now because of their diligent marketing decisions. You can find these resources here. If you just want to chat about your best strategy for your internet marketing, that would quite honestly be the easiest way. We can review your situation in a 15 minute discussion and return to you a plan of attack, for free.
SEO AGENCY - Yes, we can help with SEO strategies whether you build your website with us or not or we build with WordPress or hard-code, it's up to you and we can work with you for the best solution from what we have to work with. SEO's first step though is the website itself and making sure it has relevant content and structures, On-page optimisation which is ensuring all your media files are tagged and metadata is accurate/functioning the way it should so that your webpage communicates effectively with search engines and other such associations like Facebook. Your content will need to be engagaing overall and click structures embedded. After which, general maintenance, accurate blogging and backlinking can occur.
WEBSITE DESIGN - For a little more info on what to expect from a Sumo Media website Design click through to see some more info, pricing and project examples. When we build a website we can work with you on exactly what you want and need and the sky is the limit with regard to our ability to code special features. Elaborate with us on your wants and we will format it into a proposal and work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome, ensuring it is on point for your brand fulfillment, functionality, conversion features, special tools or carts, app integrations, business integrations and the like. We can help you with a high end design for the price of a normal website development.
APP DEVELOPMENT FIRM - Do you have a great idea but afraid to share it? You aren't alone but your idea will never get to market if you don't take the steps to do it. Why not run it past us and see what kind of ideas and concerns we can fire back. Generally these ideas are the passion of one person and the passion to make a company from it wouldn't rest commonly with others. So fear a little less and grab a non-disclosure agreement off the web if you are really concerned and get the wheels moving. Even investors would very rarely jump at an idea. They just want to see it moving first and get an idea of its financial traction. We have even built apps for people and they were afraid to launch it because they didn't want the idea to get out into the world! While wanting to get everything perfect before launch is logical to a point, it can also crush great opportunities to start pulling in passive revenue streams and assisting the world with cool stuff!
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS - If you are already mindful of incorporating software into your business in order to obtain efficiencies and competitive advantage, you are in the right place, you already get it! Click through browse around a little and let's chat! On the other hand if you are a business owner that doesn't tend to embrace tech and change too much, please consider this... by embracing tech you may no longer need to engage as many staff as your business grows, you can cut down greatly on staff processes availing them to absorb other duties, your business communications can vastly improve helping generate bulk follow up, bulk out-reach, comms and calls all recorded in one place, business systems designed by experts and honed by the users of the market, payments on time, less wastage, better control of cost comparisons etc etc etc. It all adds up to a tremendous improvement to a business and these are the margins we need to be finding if we are to be exceptional in business today. If your competitors are using modern tech to function they may-well be eating up your market share. Embracing tech can be a little hard to get into but in the end it tends to make things easier and benefit the bottom line. Sumo Media can help with free advice or implementations for your situation.
CRM DEVELOPMENTS - I don't know that there are many custom CRM developers in the world but well done in finding us! We have been building CRM's for a couple of decades and love finding those pathways to vast improvement on a business' processes. We have experience hard-coding everything from databases, scheduling, invoicing systems, ratings systems, GEO mapping, SMS, email, calls, international comms, reports, customer portals, attachments and more. All boxed up or integrated into your existing business systems using the latest in modern coding tech. Let's have a chat, we'd love to discuss your motives for CRM interest; and discuss the options.
COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENTS - Communications focus are often an indication a business is ready for next level success. By changing the way we communicate we can often find a great resource for efficiency, control and flexibility all in one allowing the business to better manage their lower cost resources with higher "time-on-line" vs the higher cost resources with a lower "time-on-line" to help those higher cost individuals focus more on their core duties and lessen tasks which can be handled by someone else. A strong communications strategy will also be likely to benefit a business' reputation by offering quality support at the times that matter for the user and auto or bulk level support with messaging in times that don't require as much energy/cost from the business.

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Common Do's & Dont's With Business Marketing

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Is your business system married-in to your web marketing enviornment?


Business System

99% of business get the 1, 2, 3... the wrong way around. They launch into the market wanting:

  • Fast clicks
  • Optimise SEO later
  • When excess work comes in I'll worry about how to manage it.

Meanwhile, you are over spending on clicks because your landing pages arent converting, or being remembered, and don't have the respect of Google & Facebook so they are charging you twice as much as your top competitor!

Brand, Website & CRM

Sumo Media recommend developing world class branding, websites and incorporating a CRM as the utmost important aspect. the result?:

  • Memorable branding people return to
  • Free traffic & lead generation
  • Conversions not just clicks!
  • Social Shares
  • Company direction & reporting
  • Positioning for growth and dominance

A powerful website can launch into another city by adding a new page.

Cheaper Clicks

Now that you have your beautiful brand, your internal marketing & management systems, your fair share of free conversions from Google & Social Media, we can apply budget to the pay-per-click campaigns with confidence!

Google & Facebook both use"quality scores" on landing pages (websites). If your score is low you pay around double for every click.


  • Half price clicks
  • Free clicks
  • CRM lead generation & retention
  • Ability to scale
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Marketing step 1 is choosing an AGENCY that can support your growth.

Selecting the marketing team that nail it!

Specialists can't see the peripheral market.

Born Unicorns

Here’s how to select your unicorn marketer and get it all right!


Finding the right marketer is tough! 100% but really only because a few big players give a bad name to many of the rest of us that toil the designs, knobs and codes all day every day. Avoid the big players, they are big because they care most for their own corporate targets. Avoid the very small as they are still learning their systems and may be stretched for applying appropriate time and energies into the right places.

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Everyone loves a specialist this is true but in today’s marketing environment it is typically NOT ideal to focus on any one sector. You need a marketing agency that has a broad vision and capabilities to match in design, PPC, SEO, Social, development & hosting. Todays market is largely managed by marketing professionals that are engaging in “omni-channel” approaches. Fall in line or fall behind.

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The truth is, marketing is generally about designing a strong base, having experienced professionals to tweak the buttons and the main thing is TESTING. Rarely will a marketer jump into a project knowing exactly what to do. The good ones don’t presume to know anything. We are essentially data analysts and we push traffic towards objectives and A/B test to see what the outcome was and if we wish to pursue that approach further or not. We wait for data and react, this is why things take time especially on small budgets.

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#1 Web Design Tip | As the business owner you may already be aware of your higher value portion of market, so of course you want to focus on that more if it makes sense when incoporating all factors such as competition levels, volume of prospects etc. So once you have sorted the "higher value for you" market you can build the periphery of your website with a focus on that but it doesn't have to be your home page. For example a car yard may have better returns on new cars but a bigger market on used cars. The front page focus should not be decisive on which the business prefers to promote, let the audience choose. But you may like to consider a heavier emphasis on first stage SEO developments towards the side of your business destined for bigger returns. An expert SEO technician will be able to sort through the noise and pop up with a select and qualified strategy for your website.

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