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Australian companies understand that digital marketing is 1 of few, critical methods to attaining new business. While it may not suit every single Company, like businesses that have a very select high value market in a sector where they already know everybody, digital marketing is likely to help most companies with the right support. This webpage will help you to understand basic marketing factors a little better and perhaps rationalise what you may need and what to avoid.

Yes You Probably Need Help With Your Companies Digital Ecosystem

Ok, you cannot expect of yourself that you can keep up with the digital world if it isn't your full-time gig. It's simply not realistic and you need help with it. There may be areas that you are great at but if you don't have the experience to see all angles of your digital environment and engage the right people to spend the time on the right tasks, then you are more than likely wasting energy, possibly money and most importantly, time. Time that could have been used more effectively and put your business on the right track much sooner. Digital marketing is easy to think you've cracked it and can do it yourself but keep in mind you are competing with the best marketers in Australia and they want your customers.

A Passionate Digital Marketing Company

Sumo Media are not just another digital marketing firm, we are passionate about business and creating success stories for ourselves and others. We can certainly help you with the technical side but we also want to help generally. We love design and strategy and setting things up with a long term plan for your companies future performance. We work enthusiasticaly with you on a starting budget that suits you and help you to gradually scale that budget over time.

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Choosing the best digital strategy for you!

Navigating the digital marketing world! We created this "Digital Marketing Bible" to help you to get your digital strategy sorted from here on and tailored to YOU.

Digital Marketing's Divine 9

Select below, any digital services you wouldn't mind engaging?

GOOGLE ADS - Google Ads is still very much a cornerstone of business's digital marketing portfolio today. Even with social media having quite an impact on the options companies have these days to market in different ways, Google Ads remains the best way to target most digital markets with precision and generally pay only for valuable eyes on your products and services at a market rate that the market itself designs in an auction environment. If you have a market searching for your products or services then Google Ads cannot be overlooked.
SOCIAL MEDIA - Social Media managements digital marketing nuts & bolts, as we all know = Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, each of which have their own vibe, benefits and how-to's. You should try to shape your companies digital marketing themes towards the different audiences and the mood they are in when using the different apps. Social marketing management can be complex but it can also be a powerful branding and/or conversion tool when used right. Always best not to make assumptions though, let's discuss.
INTERNET MARKETING - Want to know more about Sumo Media generally? Well, we care about business, your business. We care about business management. We build software to really qualify that we know what we want and we are driven to making high end digital efficiencies and finding competitive advantages with a goal to vastly improving returns for businesses. Internet marketing is seldom one-dimensional. Your internet marketing "platform" needs to work from many angles and in unison with its digitised parts. You need a partner that has the necessary experience to avoid wasted ad spend but spend it where necessary to drive the optimum outcome and optimimum result for your business and your budget. Sumo Media can help...
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION - Search engine optimisation is the manipulation of your website and its associations to help search engines like Google & Bing prioritise your website against others for any given user's desired search result. Sound complicated? It is and it isn't. Building in the correct content & headings is important and keeping people engaged is important to "qualify" the content to that desired result. Additionally, linking to other powerful websites also helps a lot. For complete advice on your best digital strategy, give us a call. It's not something you want to attempt yourself. You can but you are competing with the best in the marketing industry.
WEBSITE DESIGN - We are passionate about designing your digital products with not only aesthetic and core function in mind but engagement, clicks, conversions and SEO also. Generally speaking we dont build with your template builders that are so common these days. Sure, they are easy and anyone can do it but are they what's best for your internet and website's performance? Generally not. Sumo Media hard-code websites so they are unique, slick, clean and fast because they don't carry the weight of template builders. All these factors are important for your organic rank. We are also unlimited in our digital abilities, we are coders so if you can dream it we are accustomed to making these things happen rather than finding a plugin that may cost money, slow down your site or cause bugs and security issues.
IOS & ANDROID APPS - IOS apps are Mac apps and Android apps are everything else. Why did Mac have to go and do their own thing and become so popular? Typically its best to start with your android app and the integrate with IOS also if necessary. There are modern digital tools which are making this easier to develop however, for a complex app development we recommend starting with Android for the core build and then expanding into IOS. Our app development team are second to none, we would challenge anyone, on our competitive capacity to handle complex digital developments and come in at a reasonable price.
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - Software development is the phase development of firstly understanding the required digital outcome, rationalising the development path of least resistance, incorporating a solution with existing solutions to reduce unnecessary work and resolving with a bespoke digital tool. We have a fantastic team and culture of passionate software developing experts. Our developers are closely monitored on site to ensure optimum productivity on your project. Click through to learn more.
CRM DEVELOPMENTS - Lord only knows why but we keep landing ourselves right in the middle of gigantic CRM development projects. With all the off the shelf CRM options these days including free ones, we will be helping you with the question "do you really need to build one?" or can we guide you on the latest and greatest on market. Sometimes finding the existing tool and integrating some bespoke features COULD be the way forward, however we would love nothing more than to help with another major CRM project that breaks the mould!
COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES - Business owners and managers can't be a jack of all trades in this digital age! Not when there is support available at reasonable rates and when we look at the hours it would take use to assist vs the hours you would spend pulling your hair it, its definitely all worth it! We have experience with hard coding communications, SIP, PBX, phones, SMS, email integrations etc etc etc. Give us a call now, we can help.

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The digital do's and dont's

#1 Digital Marketing Company Australia

Could your business' digital footprint be a little different?


Business System

99% of business get the 1, 2, 3... the wrong way around. They launch into the market wanting:

  • Fast clicks
  • Optimise SEO later
  • When excess work comes in I'll worry about how to manage it.

Meanwhile, you are over spending on clicks because your landing pages arent converting, or being remembered, and don't have the respect of Google & Facebook so they are charging you twice as much as your top competitor!

Brand, Website & CRM

Sumo Media recommend developing world class branding, websites and incorporating a CRM as the utmost important aspect. the result?:

  • Memorable branding people return to
  • Free traffic & lead generation
  • Conversions not just clicks!
  • Social Shares
  • Company direction & reporting
  • Positioning for growth and dominance

A powerful website can launch into another city by adding a new page.

Cheaper Clicks

Now that you have your beautiful brand, your internal marketing & management systems, your fair share of free conversions from Google & Social Media, we can apply budget to the pay-per-click campaigns with confidence!

Google & Facebook both use"quality scores" on landing pages (websites). If your score is low you pay around double for every click.


  • Half price clicks
  • Free clicks
  • CRM lead generation & retention
  • Ability to scale
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How complete is your company's digital suite?

Knowing where to start and end should be decided in the beginning.

Sometimes the easiest way to grasp your potential is to look at your competition.

How does your business compare?

You can learn a lot about your business in a 15 minute conversation with us.

Have you been saying yes to the wrong type of marketing?

How do I know which SEO method is best for MY business?

Sumo can advise you on a solid marketing base

Is your agency missing the mark?

Agency's can tend to be a little one-directional, we help you to see the big picture.

Born Unicorns

Here’s how to select your unicorn marketer and get it all right!


Finding the right marketer is tough! 100% but really only because a few big players give a bad name to many of the rest of us that toil the designs, knobs and codes all day every day. Avoid the big players, they are big because they care most for their own corporate targets. Avoid the very small as they are still learning their systems and may be stretched for applying appropriate time and energies into the right places.

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Everyone loves a specialist this is true but in today’s marketing environment it is typically NOT ideal to focus on any one sector. You need a marketing agency that has a broad vision and capabilities to match in design, PPC, SEO, Social, development & hosting. Todays market is largely managed by marketing professionals that are engaging in “omni-channel” approaches. Fall in line or fall behind.

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The truth is, marketing is generally about designing a strong base, having experienced professionals to tweak the buttons and the main thing is TESTING. Rarely will a marketer jump into a project knowing exactly what to do. The good ones don’t presume to know anything. We are essentially data analysts and we push traffic towards objectives and A/B test to see what the outcome was and if we wish to pursue that approach further or not. We wait for data and react, this is why things take time especially on small budgets.

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We will help you to understand how and why your top competitor is #1

Why Us? ...and how to target that top 1% of the market volume?

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Guidence can be better served up bold!

Think Big!

Some great advice from some very successful people.

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#1 Digital Marketing Tip | The very best thing you can do for your marketing is to ask for an audit of your business & market from an holistic marketing professional. Stay flexible as one thing may not work but another works wonders.

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